This is incredibly personal to me but I feel I have to share.

When my husband (Gordon) contracted stage four - lung cancer, it gave me a sense of purpose. 

He was reliant on his heavy-duty medication to relieve him from pain, anxiety, and to help him to sleep. He was also my biggest critic (in a good way) – he never believes in essential oils and always reminded me not to quit my job for this scented hobby of mine. 

I remembered clearly that one evening – his heartbeat was beating so fast, at 183 beats per minute and we could not calm him down with his usual medication. I begged him to allow me to treat him with my essential oils and it worked almost immediately, bringing him down to 99 beats per minute.

Gordon Using Aromatherapy For The First Time

That was when I discovered my sense of purpose and the need for me to launch a wellbeing brand powered by aromatherapy.