Necessary Luxury

The brand is called Necessary Luxury because it is about bringing the state of great comfort to the most basic requirements of life – our sense of smell and our emotions.

Take the air we breathe and our nose for example. We take these two basic requirements of life, for granted.  When was the last time we reminded ourselves to pause and breathe, not just in yoga or in meditation session but throughout the day as we bust our tail for work?

I founded and created Necessary Luxury because I wanted to create scents and aromas that would empower my mind and spirit, shift my mood, renew my energy and inspire me to feel not just differently – but more...

Necessary Luxury combines the world of wellbeing and fragrances with purposeful aromatherapy.  The buzz words ~ functional fragrances!

Mindset Mists

Born of rare and pure essential oils sourced from all over the world by the renowned Laboratory of Flowers, all of our scents are unique and 100% natural.  Mysterious and powerful, they can enhance life with their proven – if but at times inexplicable energies.

It is time now for us to educate ourselves to get in control of our mindset and our feelings, and to care for our emotional wellbeing.

We produce in small batches without the use of any synthetics – even the alcohol we use in our artisanal blending is derived from grape spirits, also known as ethyl alcohol.  The scents and aromas were purposefully created to evoke emotions as well as memories, as the two are so often deeply intertwined.

Like everything in life, our journey often needs guidance.  Let our range of post-gender mindset mists enhance or inspire your journey, weaving in and out of mind and body, at once etherealand deep.

Experience a moment in time – a place in your mind – that you've never been to before... but one you'll never forget. 

It may be that the experience is brief, but it is never forgotten.  It will forever be imprinted on the very soul of you.